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  • What are E-Minis?

The E Minis are US stock indexes such as the S&P 500, Russell and NASDAQ. They where launched by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and are traded electronically using a trading platform on your computer. Regarded by leading financial experts as one of the most successful financial product ever launched, daily trading on the E-Minis exceeds $40 Billion dollars per day!

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A Proven Roadmap to Financial Freedom?

Would you invest in a business that has a genuine ability of generating high returns? A business with no staff, no customers, no inventory, no rent, almost no overhead and could literally be operated from anywhere in the world?

Wait it gets better, how about one that allowed you to work just 2 hours per day and have professionals educate you on exactly what to do?

It isn't about a free lunch that requires no work, nor is it about pie in the sky dreams. This is a unique and award winning opportunity to become financially independent from day trading the markets with real professional traders.


Create the Future Life You Want and Deserve

Want to spend more time with your hobbies and loved ones? All these are possible with Day Trading. There is nothing like it in the world. No other business provides you with such enormous potential for personal and financial freedom.

When you start day trading with Traders International you will be learning properly from professionals and practicing on a simulator without putting real money at risk. You ONLY begin trading with real money once you are confident and profitable in simulation. This is NOT something you can do with any other business start up and it massively decreases your risk! 

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About Traders International

Traders International is an E-mini trading innovator. Combining powerful trading methods with sound money management techniques, Traders International, Ltd. has helped new and experienced traders worldwide gain the power that had previously only been available to professional floor traders.


Why Trade the E Minis?

Benefits of trading E Minis include:
  •           No market makers
  •           No gaps during market hours
  •           75-1 leverage
  •           15 points average daily range
  •           2 points = 10% ROI in minutes
  •           No over night positions held
  •           Trade long or short
  •           Substantial tax advantage
  •           Several opportunities everyday